• Protein50
  • Calories20
  • Cholesterol50
  • Dietary fibre50
  • Sodium50
  • Carbohydrates50
  • Fat total50
  • Prices per person

Pinwheel Wrap Tray (price per person)


Total: 9.95


Our pinwheel wraps are prepared fresh and served on an assortment of wholesome sun-dried tomato, spinach, and flour tortilla wraps. The tray offers a wide range of flavour that may include Smoked Salmon- a classic combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese with a flavourful basil pesto, Roasted Turkey rolled together with a tasty cranberry salsa and goat cheese crumble, Black Forest Ham, cheddar cheese and herb and garlic cream cheese, Roast Beef with cream cheese and horseradish Dijon sauce, and a cream cheese cucumber combo that truly delicious. (Minimum 10-person order) Price Per Person: $9.95 + HST